Culture and Traditions of Pakistan

Pakistani cities offer a wide range of cultural experiences. From theatres, museums and amazing architecture to ancient perks and festivals for all senses – experience the diversity of Pakistani culture.

Find Inspiration. A journey through Pakistan

Art and Architecture

To visit Pakistan is to experience brilliant art and architecture in dramatic landscapes. Whether you travel through Pakistan’s picture perfect countryside or stay in its imperial cities – Ottoman style mosques, Mughal’s Empire masterwork and civilization footprints dating back to 2500 BC are waiting to seek your attention.

Music and Stage

Pakistan has a diverse taste in music and stage. Enriched with traditional folk music, Qawali, Ghazals and a blend of jazz and popular hip hop music is there to soothe your ears to your desires. Classical stage featuring Rumi, Iqbal, Manto has also gained lot of appreciation and developed its mettle and gained people’s attention.

Seasonal Occasions and Traditions

Pakistan’s diverse cultural offerings include many festivals, stretching from world scale events to small regional gatherings. Many of them comprised of national events and celebrations, while most of them offer an outstanding brotherly and religious harmony to accompany the cultural experience.

City and Sightseeing

Sightseeing does not have to be all about following the guidebook in Pakistan’s cities, as those looking for something a little bit different are sure to find out on one of these less conventional tours. To mitigate your curiosity, remember, Islamabad is the second most beautiful capital of the world.

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