Mountains and Basecamps in Pakistan

With great mountain ranges of the world lying in the north, Pakistan offers a great attraction to climbers and alpinist to summit world’s greatest mountains and snow lake treks to raise their hand on top of the world.

To the Roof of the World

Mount Godwin Austin – K2

The Earth’s second highest mountain, after Mount Everest, is K2, also known as Mount Godwin Austen and as Dapsang. The peak, 28,238 feet (8,607 meters) high, is in the Karakoram Range of northern Jammu and Kashmir, near the border of Pakistan and China. It was given the name K2 because it was the second peak measured in this range.

Nanga Parbat – The Killer Mountain

Nanga Parbat is the ninth highest mountain in the world at 8,126 metres (26,660 ft) above sea level. It is the western anchor of the Himalayas around which the Indus river skirts into the plains of Pakistan. It is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan and is locally known as ‘Deo Mir’. Numerous mountaineering deaths in the mid and early 20th century lent it the nickname “killer mountain”.

Trich Mir

Trich Mir is the highest mountain of the Hindu Kush range, and the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas-Karakoram range, located in Chitral-District of Pakistan. The mountain was first climbed in 1950 by a Norwegian expedition. Trich Mir overlooks Chitral town, and can be easily seen from the main bazaar.

Rush Peak

Rush Peak is a mountain in the Karakoram mountain range of Central Asia. It is located in the Gilgit District of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. While not a high peak by local standards, it is noteworthy as a remote trekking destination. It can be reached via Nagar Valley and Hoper Village. The peak can be accessed via Hoper Glacier and Barpu Glacier.

Spantik Peak

Spantik Peak is known by various names all depicting different aspects of its beauty and grandeur. The north western face on the Nagar side with its bright red color of golden pillar is also called “Ghenish Chhish”, which in Brushaski language means Golden Mountain. Viewed from Hunza-Karimabad and Duikar, the sun setting on Golden Pillar is a truly remarkable sight.

Ladyfinger Peak

Bublimotin, Bubli Motin, Bublimating or Ladyfinger Peak, is a distinctive rock spire in the Batura Muztagh, the westernmost subrange of the Karakoram range in Pakistan. It lies on the southwest ridge of the Ultar Sar massif, the most southeasterly of the major groups of the Batura Muztagh. The whole massif rises precipitously above the Hunza Valley to the southeast.

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